The Glacier Mummy

Gudrun Sulzenbacher

The Glacier Mummy

Discovering the Copper Age with the Iceman

Photography by Augustin Ochsenreiter. Scientific Advisor Angelika Fleckinger

Hardcover, 64 pp., more than 400 colour photographs

ISBN 978-3-85256-737-2

€ [D/A] 15,80 / [I] 15,-


“The Glacier Mummy. Discovering the Copper Age with the Iceman” is packed with visual images and precise information on the archaeological find of the century.

Over 400 superb colour photographs with short, clear descriptions supply the answers to a series of fascinating questions. How exactly was the Glacier Mummy called ‘Ötzi’ discovered and how was his body extracted from the ice? Why has Ötzi become the most closely examined patient of all time? How accurate and deadly were the weapons he carried with him? And the machines that preserve and watch over Ötzi round the clock? What do they look like? What is so unique about the Iceman?

These and many other questions are answered in this young person’s guide to the sensational archaeological discovery which offers a window on the world as it was over 5,000 years ago, attracting countless visitors from all over the world to South Tyrol.