The Innsbruck Hofburg

Benedikt Sauer

The Innsbruck Hofburg

127 pages, photos, 17x25 cm

ISBN 978-3-85256-539-2


Along with Schönbrunn Palace and the Vienna Hofburg, Innsbruck’s Hofburg is one of the three most important of the Habsburg residences and one of the most prominent buildings in Austria and the alpine region. From its origins in the 14th century, it achieved its present size under Emperor Maximilian I. Maria Theresa gave the palace its Baroque look and created a new collection of Habsburg family paintings. In the 19th century, splendid rooms were created for Empress Elisabeth.

The interiors, recreated in their original finish for the reopening in 2010, offer an insight into the history of the palace: The furnishings reflect the process of political and societal change over the centuries.