In Defence of the Future

In Defence of the Future

Searching in the Minefield

OSCE-Representative on freedom of the media; translated from Serbo-Croat by Graham McMaster

Paperback, 188 S., 13,5 x 21 cm

ISBN 978-3-85256-147-9

€ [D/A] 15,50 / € [I] 14,60


Twelve key texts by authors from the former Yugoslavia examine the recent history of the area in regard to its consequences for the future.

Freimut Duve: In the Minefield Rusmir Mahmutcehajic: From the Tropic of the Millennium Miljenko Jergovic: Fear of the Future Perhaps Ivan Lovrenovic: Five Fragments about Implosion Dragan Pavelic: A Late Delivered Letter Slobodan Šnajder: From Vardar to Triglav: Several States, one quipu Andrea Zlatar: In Defence of the Future (a homework) Branko Sbutega: A Question about Boka, AD 1991 Baton Haxiu: Kosovo – Where the Dead Speak Bora cosic: Three Steps to the Future Dragan Velikic: Which Way and Back Filip David: Populism Does Not Give Rise to Democracy Drago Jancar: In the Morning Mist an Angel of Evil